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My Philosophy of Medicine 
I am NOT accepting new patients into my practice at this time.

My goal is to provide compassionate, evidence-based medical care that is accessible and affordable. Essentially, Plains Synergy Healthcare is a return to old fashioned outpatient medicine with the technology of today.

The heart of good medical care is the relationship between you and your physician. Knowing who you are and what is important to you helps me find the best solutions and treatment choices for you. In my practice, I take the

Practice Location 
Plains Synergy Healthcare, PLLC 
100 1/2 S. Merrill Ave.
Suite #24
Glendive, Montana  59330

Family Medicine and Behavioral Medicine 
Complete family practice medicine; Outpatient psychiatry including medication management and brief supportive psychotherapy for adults.

My Philosophy of Medicine

My philosophy of medicine is as follows: My role is that of an educator. Your health is very important to me but it is most important to you and you are the "captain of the ship." I am a consultant who educates you about your health so you can make informed choices. Together we negotiate acceptable treatment you are willing to do. I respect each patient's personality and needs, integrating holistic and traditional medicine while providing compassionate, quality heath care.

I provide patients with lots of handouts to reinforce what we discussed during the visit. I strive for continual refinement of patient care educational materials. Informed consent is always important, but especially so for psychotropic medications. I encourage patients to take an active and responsible role in their healthcare.

I am pro-choice and prescribe emergency contraception but advocate abstinence. I would like every child born to be a wanted child. I believe every patient's wishes regarding "code status" and end-of-life care should be known and respected.